Frequently asked questions

For now, this will not be controlled. At this moment the Traffic Act still states that car windows must let through 70% of light. The Island Council has approved a motion to adapt this part of the law. In this motion, the Island Council requests the Executive Council to investigate this proposal. The text of the Traffic Act is unclear as to whether it relates to all windows. Or that it relates only to the windshield and front side windows. As a result of the motion, a proposal to adapt the Traffic Act has been prepared. This proposal has in the meantime been sent to the Island Council to be attended.

No, people riding a bicycle do not have to wear a helmet. Persons driving a scooter, motorcycle or ATV quads must wear a helmet.

It is not possible yet to regularly inspect for example cars and motorcycles, or have these inspected, on Bonaire. The Traffic Act does allow for the possibility to have vehicles inspected. These articles of the law will come into effect at a later time, when it becomes possible to inspect, for example, cars.

The traffic rules apply to all participants in traffic. So yes, these apply also to tourists on the island.

Cars produced after 1986 must have seat belts for the front seats. The seat belt requirement does not apply to the back seats. Drivers and passengers are required to wear the available seat belts. When a car does have seat belts in the back, it is compulsory to wear these. If your car does not have any seat belts, you can order seat belts from a store where car parts are sold. The price of a seat belt is approximately 40 dollars apiece.

The price of a child’s safety seat varies between approximately $100 to $300. The child seats are sold at large department stores on the islan.

No. Large buses are not required to have seat belts. Passengers of small buses and certain taxis are not required to wear a seatbelt, if these buses and taxis fall under the rules of public transport.

Yes, persons on an electric scooter must also wear a helmet. Persons riding a bicycle with an electric motor to assist with pedaling, are not required to wear a helmet. However, if the bicycle can attain a speed of 30 kilometers per hour without pedaling, the rider is required to wear a helmet.

The card for persons with a physical disability still has to be arranged. At this moment, an assessment of how many people will need such a card is being done. Also, which doctor can examine the persons applying for a disability card. Once this is all organized, the government of Bonaire will provide information via regular media, about how persons with a physical disability can obtain the card.

You can ask at a store where car parts are sold, whether they have longer seat belts. It helps if you measure the maximum length of your car’s seat belts. That way you can see if there is a seat belt that is longer than those you already have.